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i've never fully considered myself a morning person, but as the years go on i find myself loving slow mornings more + more. when i was younger, i would sleep in until the last possible moment, wake up in a frenzy, + try to eat a granola bar on my way to school, work, or where ever else i was going that day. now that i'm in college + my schedule is a bit more flexible, mornings have become my friend -- they include coffee, netflix, a REAL breakfast, + more coffee ha!

this upcoming semester, i've got a lot of early classes + clinicals. sadly, nursing is a major that requires a lot of waking before the sun, so the mornings that i do have, i need to savor! treating myself is a good way to do so, especially when that treat is amazing coffee. Laughing Man® Coffee is a go to lately, + their backstory is so inspiring! the company, co-founded by hugh jackman, donates a portion of proceeds to coffee farming communities + programs that clear the way to health, as well as promote growth + success for coffee farmers + their families, a mission that hits close to home. who knew that by just drinking coffee, you could impact groups across the globe! they also come in recyclable K-Cup® pods that are available in-store at Target and online at [my faves are columbia huila + hugh's blend], so there's less time spent brewing + more time for binging shows, lying in bed, or -- let's be real -- styling a photo for instagram :)

waffles or an acai bowl or avocado toast are my favorite coffee pairings, + my favorite things to make during my slow mornings. have you seen bri emery's insta-stories lately? i've loved watching her journey through cooking, + i'm inspired to do the same! while my Laughing Man® Coffee cup is cooling i'll cook my breakfast + once both are complete, i'll enjoy the best part of the morning.

cheers to coffee that cares friends! + cheers to slow mornings that make the early ones worth it.

post by molly garvin

images by molly + claire garvin

sponsored by Laughing Man®