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i've been trying to motivate myself to write this post for weeks. WEEEEEEEKS. with my first year of college coming to an end + stresses of studying for finals, taking finals, packing up, moving to chicago for the summer, searching for a job, + saying goodbye to friends, i've lost some interest in this little site. i've continued posting on instagram [because i'm addicted, let's face it], but it's seriously bringing me down! i've considered just retiring T+T all together because i was [+ still am] rapidly losing followers, engagement, + more with seemingly no explanation. i'm also not even sure if anyone will ever read this post. maybe my mom will [hi mom!]. BUT, i love this brand i've built from the ground up as well as the creative outlet it provides me with. i can't quit this place. anywayyyy, lets get on to the update, shall we?!

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i believe the last life update i wrote was about me heading to college, + this one is about me leaving college - haha! these past 8/9 months have been amazing. so challenging, but full of growth + new friendships + so much learning. the relationships i formed within the first week of school have proved to last + i often find myself wondering how i ever lived life without them. i was re-introduced to god in a whole different way + have strengthened my relationship with him tenfold, + am still learning/growing. i also began my first semester [of 7] of nursing classes, + it is safe to say that it is 100% my calling. the 12 hour hospital shifts quickly began to fly by as my peers + i learned our way around the floor, became friend with the nurses, + began to learn how to care for every aspect of a patient's being. it got to a point in the semester where i felt like i just couldn't learn anymore - my brain felt too full. like i literally could not put any more information into my head! but, the year is over + summer is here + i've got some time to decompress, thank. the. lord. :)

on the T+T aspect of things, i have begun to reach out to different brands for collaboration partnerships + to share amazing companies with my friends + followers! i am hoping to really kick it up a notch this summer in hopes of sharing even more awesome brands with you all :) - [side note: if you're a brand + are looking to collab, email me!!] i also hope to do more photoshoots, DIYs, recipes, + more - essentially just get the blog back to where it was + push it forward even further! 

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anyway, life has been crazy but life has been good. i'm looking forward to this new season of the blog, to summer, + to the potential that it holds. i hope you all are doing well! + thank you thank you again for reading, supporting, following along on my crazy journey through life, + for finding what i share interesting enough to come back, ha!

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beautiful wall hanging by corbin from native knot [she makes the CUTEST little earrings too, check out her shop!!]


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wow. 2017 - you were a good one! so many countless memories were made + i wouldn't trade them for anything! [see my full year recap here!] with the new year comes new resolutions, + i'm so excited to reflect on last year's resolutions as well as create new ones for this year! also, my friends at berg + betts were kind enough to send me a gorgeous new watch that i cannot wait to style throughout the new year, + they also gave YOU a discount code -- find it at the bottom of this post! okay, let's get into the resolutions!

[previous new year's posts: 2015 resolutions / 2016 resolutions / 2017 resolutions

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  1. dish out more compliments

  2. thin out my closet

  3. organize my sd cards and save all the videos i create

  4. wear more hats! 

  5. stop caring about social media [ahem, instagram! i'm looking at you!] so much

[see the full post here] i'm never one to get down on myself for slacking on my resolutions, but i kinda sucked-with-a-capital-S this year 😂. BUT - i knocked #3 out of the park for SURE! i cleared out a hard drive at the beginning of the year + have uploaded almost every video taken + film created this year to it! amazon prime photo has also been super helpful in media organization, + it's been so nice to empty all the photos from my SD cards + keep them straight. i think i thinned out my closet a little bit [moving to california helped for sure], but i also bought a lot of clothing, so i think it cancels out... haha! as far as "not caring" about social media, i think i did the best i could. i definitely took a step back + stopped letting it define how i lived, but i don't think i could have grown my business + brand as much as i did this year without caring as much as i did, ya feel? cannot wait to see where i go with T+T this year :) + finally, i think i gave compliments, but by the end of the year i definitely try to give compliments. i think i'll carry this one over into 2018. next up, this years resolutions!! 

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  1. take more casual photos with my DSLR - i always make a point to take my dslr along with me when i go to events or things that warrant good photos, but i want to capture the small moments too, + not just on my iphone!
  2. make an effort to form new relationships + strengthen pre-existing ones - i'm a HUGE relationship person, i want to make an effort this year to really strengthen the relationships i have + form new ones with people in my school community, church community, + online community! friends are the best :)
  3. eat better + find a workout i love - i hate running, but i still do it. i'm making it a point to eat better + really try to hone in on wellness in relation to my diet + exercise routines. we tried a little bit last year with whole30, but it ended up creating more problems than it did eliminating "pounds". 
  4. listen to more podcasts/read more books - STOP with the netflix molly!! i could probably singlehandedly support the entire netflix corporation -- i'm making a conscious effort this year to listen to good podcasts that teach me a lot + reading books that stimulate my creativity. 
  5. dig into god's word + strengthen my relationship with him - as of the end of 2017, i was beginning to form good habits + i'm excited to put even more work + time into them in the coming months so i can grow increasingly closer to Him, always!!
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+ that's it! do you create resolutions for yourself? if so, i'd love to hear 'em -- go ahead + share in the comments below or on my instagram!  and now, the moment you've alll been waiting for -- as i mentioned above, berg + betts was kind enough to supply a discount code for T+T readers - use "THISTHAT" for 20% off your watch purchase! they seriously have the most beautiful timepieces, + i can't wait to use mine to keep track of time + have it serve as a reminder of all the things i want to accomplish in 2018. 

cheers to what will hopefully be the best year yet! love all of you babes, thanks for supporting me + this crazy little blog every year. you're all the best. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

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as you're reading this, i'm gathering up the rest of my things + all SIX of my suitcases [plus two carry-ons], heading to midway airport, + saying adios to the city that has my heart. if you've been following along on instagram, then you'll know that I'M MOVING TO CALIFORNIA! i've been a little vague with my exact reasons for the move - today i'm tearing down the walls that held back the truth + getting reeeeeal vulnerable.

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when i started this blog, i was a 15 year old high school freshman. i never revealed my age, slightly for safety reasons but mainly because i was embarrassed of my youth. all the bloggers i looked up to were in their twenties + i wanted to give off the same vibe they did as well as target the same audience. i did NOT want to be a "teen blogger". i never said i was older, but i never said i was young. i've been blogging for almost four years now, which makes me just shy of 19. throughout these past four years, i've become insta-friends with so many amazing ladies, but with those friendships came fear --- "what if they get freaked out because there's a 10 year difference between us? what if i lose followers because i'm only 19 + my followers have kids? what if all these friendships stop?" --- you might wonder why my age brought me so much worry, + my answer to that is i don't know. i kind of just assumed that people would be weirded out by a teen blogger. now that the move is actually here, i've decided to cast my anxieties aside + come clean to my readers, followers+ internet friends. 

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by now you've probably put two + two together. highschool freshman + four years of blogging = college freshman. yep, i'm moving to california for college! i'll be attending azusa pacific university [just outside of LA] studying nursing. i'm super excited + can't wait to share my future adventures with you all! the blog should not change + everything should stay about the same, except for the location i'm posting from :) if you decide that reading a 19 year old's blog + following a 19 year old's social media is not your thang, it's totally fine! thanks for being here! but if you're down, or new here, i'm so thankful + am excited to get to know you even better! 

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come next monday, i'll be heading to my first college course [at the ripe hour of SEVEN AM --- catch me cryin' :'( ] + starting life as a college student. stick around  on here or instagram for glimpses into my adventures. like i said before, i'm so excited + want to thank you all again for even reading this. the thought that people are even interested in what i post. from an airplane in the sky, thank you thank you thank you. see you in cali, friends!! 


hey friends! so, i've been a little MIA in regards to the personal-esque posts, so i thought i'd drop in any say hello, tell ya i did a few cool things - ya know, the usual. =) first off, i went to prom! i'm not one to get super dolled up or spend hours on my hair + makeup, but i love dancing [please invite me to your wedding - but only if it has a dance floor!]. my cousin katie twisted up my hair, my sister claire dusted my eyelids with sparkles, and we triple tag-teamed the rest of the beauty prep. i spent hours taking photos with my closest friends, switched my heels out for adidas, and enjoyed my prom night like a typical high school senior! after recuperating from a long night [+ morning], claire, katie, + i ran errands, shopping and prepping for my graduation party we were hosting the next day. [which i'll have a post alllll about soon! plus a video! stay tuned =) ] after the festivities ended and sunday rolled around, i walked across that stage in my blue + gold and became an alumnus of the school i had attended for the past four years! graduation still doesn't feel real! i'm off to california at the end of the summer, but that's for another life update. peace out!