oh heyyyyyyy T+T! i’m honestly probably speaking to an invisible audience but it doesn’t even matter to me because i’m JUST SO HAPPY TO BE BACK! due to life getting in the way of this space, i’ve had to take a step back to focus on more pressing issues like, well, collegiate studies, haha! although my instagram was still up + running, i continued to lose engagement. i kissed my followers, my likes, my comments goodbye + tried to keep posting some photos to keep my creative juices flowing. after being away from this space, i reached a point where i missed it just a little too much. i had an itch for a redesign, + all of the sudden, here we are! i’ve developed a new found love for the possibilities that i have in regards to THIS + THAT. it’s still a collection of project, recipes, adventures, + favorites, but with an added twist. the phrase “joy + creativity” has been at the forefront of my mind as of late, + i knew i wanted T+T to embody those characteristics. this is a space for me to exercise my creativity + allow myself to express/discover joy. it’s also a space to share such things with you, because the world needs more! as time goes on, this space is sure to grow + change [this is technically my 3rd rebrand total], but as i’m growing + changing, this extension of myself should change as well, right? i’ll keep you updated as it does :) anyway, i’m excited you’re here + cannot wait for you to join me on this mission to discover joy + creativity. AHHH — welcome to the party!

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