over spring break, i had the chance to travel to ireland with a few of my close friends! i've created a recap of our trip + have divided it up into two parts. here's part one, in film + image ! 

we flew over night and landed early morning in dublin on march 17th, around 5:30 am. we headed to the red cow inn for a traditional irish breakfast. over there, breakfast is all about heartiness - there's no sweet pastries or waffles (tear!) - but i have to say, it wasn't all that bad! after we finished breakfast, we drove around to see the papal cross in phoenix park, and then back into the heart of dublin to watch the st. patrick's day parade!

ireland part one-19.jpg

it was freezing that day, and all i had was a thin flowy top. good job molly! really good! after the parade, we headed to our hotel and just crashed. the next day, we headed up to the blarney castle in munster, ireland, which was a super cool experience!

ireland part one-21.jpg

we climbed up to the top of the castle to give the famous blarney stone a kiss, and in return receive the gift of eloquence. surrounding the castles there were gardens, secret waterfalls, hidden passageways, you name it. 

on our third day in ireland, we drove along the ring of kerry and took a lot of photo stops along the way.

ireland part one-62.jpg

so many stops had little animals - those baby goats? kill me! 

so many selfies, so little shame. ^^^

our last stop was a local sheep farm, where we got to learn more about farming in ireland + were given a sheep dog demonstration, which was crazy cool.

ireland part one-73.jpg

the sheepdog were amazing to watch, it's really an art. the whole first half of the trip was really beautiful and scenic, but the second half (in my opinion) was even better. it'll be up soon, so stay tuned, and happy tuesday!