here's part two of my travels to ireland! if you missed the first part, click here to view. 

around the middle of the week, we headed to the cliffs of moher. when we made our plans a few months before the trip, i googled some images of the cliffs, and fell in  l o v e. by far one of my favorite sights. i could've spent an entire day there - it was truly breathtaking. we got lucky, there was just the right amount of fog to make it magical but still photographable. :)

part two-4.jpg
part two-16.jpg

they made for the best photo ops ^^^

in certain areas, you're able to get right up to the edge. a bit scary, but totally cool. after the cliffs, we pulled over to the side of the road to get some pictures by a pretty bog on the bank of the ocean. 

randomly, you'll see horses or alpacas or sheep along the side of the road as well. so pretty.

another notable part of the trip was an old monastery we visited really fast. lots of history and lots of photo ops. oh, and it's right on the river shannon! 

we spent all of our last day walking around and exploring dublin, which was a perfect way to end the trip. lots of cute shops, ice cream parlors, yummy lunch places, etc.

part two-82.jpg

one place that i couldn't leave without visiting was little ass burrito. when my sister visited ireland a year ago, she had gotten lunch here, and loved it, so i wanted to make sure to try it out. and i can honestly say that it is the cutest + best branded little place i've been to, and the best tasting burrito i've ever had, which is saying something. 

there were also a ton of street vendors, including this flower stand. so gorgeous.

there ya have it! that's the full recap of my trip - i hugely recommend it if you're looking for a new place to travel. have you ever been to ireland? where did you go/what did you do? also, if you have any questions or want more links/info on the places i visited, feel free to email me at, and don't forget to check out the videos (most recent in the sidebar)!


over spring break, i had the chance to travel to ireland with a few of my close friends! i've created a recap of our trip + have divided it up into two parts. here's part one, in film + image ! 

we flew over night and landed early morning in dublin on march 17th, around 5:30 am. we headed to the red cow inn for a traditional irish breakfast. over there, breakfast is all about heartiness - there's no sweet pastries or waffles (tear!) - but i have to say, it wasn't all that bad! after we finished breakfast, we drove around to see the papal cross in phoenix park, and then back into the heart of dublin to watch the st. patrick's day parade!

ireland part one-19.jpg

it was freezing that day, and all i had was a thin flowy top. good job molly! really good! after the parade, we headed to our hotel and just crashed. the next day, we headed up to the blarney castle in munster, ireland, which was a super cool experience!

ireland part one-21.jpg

we climbed up to the top of the castle to give the famous blarney stone a kiss, and in return receive the gift of eloquence. surrounding the castles there were gardens, secret waterfalls, hidden passageways, you name it. 

on our third day in ireland, we drove along the ring of kerry and took a lot of photo stops along the way.

ireland part one-62.jpg

so many stops had little animals - those baby goats? kill me! 

so many selfies, so little shame. ^^^

our last stop was a local sheep farm, where we got to learn more about farming in ireland + were given a sheep dog demonstration, which was crazy cool.

ireland part one-73.jpg

the sheepdog were amazing to watch, it's really an art. the whole first half of the trip was really beautiful and scenic, but the second half (in my opinion) was even better. it'll be up soon, so stay tuned, and happy tuesday!


happy 2016 friends! i'm so excited for this upcoming year - there's a lot of good things in store. lately i've been thinking about how i want this year to play out, and trying to come up with some resolutions/goals to focus on in 2016. when i make resolutions, i always try to not put pressure on myself to keep up. if i begin to fail, i try to make a conscious effort to do better, but i never beat myself up for not completing them. below are some of my 2016 goals!


  1. wear my hair in different ways - i've never really been one to primp myself up. i'm not the best at makeup, i'm not the best at doing hair, i usually go for the half-up or having it simply down, whatever. for christmas, my mom got me rubi jones' book, the art of hair, and all of her styles are so great and beautifully photographed. it's a goal to style my hair in a new way at least once a week. it might seem like a small goal (and kind of silly!) but for me, it's something i really want to do. 
  2. film more videos - i started making videos this year, and i fell in love. i really believe they give a whole other aspect to the documentation of events. it's so fun to look back on old posts and watch the films i created - there's so many memories that can be relived through video. i made a good amount in 2015, and i can't wait to make even more this coming year. 
  3. drink more water - this one happened almost by accident last year. it wasn't a real goal of mine, but i found myself ordering water over other drinks at restaurants, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge during the day, and i really want to keep this up. hopefully drink at least three big glasses of water per day. i've found it really gives me more energy and makes me feel better, overall. 
  4. promote flag fest better - later in 2015, i started a shop! flag fest was born in the fall, but i haven't done much to push it along. i've reached out to some bloggers and friend about receiving the flags, and there's ben an overwhelming response in that small community. it's a big goal of mine this year to spread the word about flag fest and hopefully bring in more response. 
  5. stop comparing myself to others/be myself/push myself to do better - i've found recently that i'm comparing myself to others and trying to make myself like them. i want to be known for myself, for what i do, for something that i did. i'm making it  goal to focus on myself and my own work instead of comparing myself to those i admire (and slightly envy). instead of thinking "she has this... i need that too" i want to focus on what i have and what i'm thankful for in my own life. instead of feeling down because i think i'll never be like or as good as them, i need to shut down these thoughts and push myself to be better, and to be myself. 

like i said above, i never get myself down for not completing the goals and resolutions i set for myself, and i'm so excited to see where this new year takes me. there'll be more traveling (i'm going to dublin!!!!!), more adventures, and more posts in general. i can't wait. happy new year! 

p.s.  these photos are from new years eve when my sisters claire + caroline and cousin katie headed down to the city! we stopped at firecakes donuts, too. so good!