what camera do you use? // i use the Nikon d3100, with an AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1.8F lens (almost                                                    always on my camera!) an AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm lens, + an AF-S                                                      Nikkor 55-200 (zoom) lens.

what do you use to edit your blog photos? // i use lightroom 5, plus the A Beautiful Mess Lightroom                                                                          Actions pack.

what do you use to color your hair? // nothing! it's naturally blond.

who are all these people i keep seeing in your blog posts? // a lot of times, you'll see my sisters claire                                                                                                  and caroline, brother sam, family friends                                                                                 (and triplets) the georgeloses, and best friend sarah.

where's Lauren? // Lauren and i decided to go our separate ways in the blogging world. we had                                          different visions and different vibes. don't get me wrong, we are still best friends.                                  you can find Lauren at her blog, Unique + Co.

are you on social media? // yep! find me on instagram, twitter, bloglovin, and pinterest.

what iPhone editing apps do you use? // i love to edit my iPhone snaps with VSCO cam, A Beautiful                                                                  Mess camera app, Studio, and Litely.

can i feature you on my own blog?// sure! contact me through my email,                                                                                                           (thelollyprojectblog@gmail.com) and i'd love to chat! but...
"Let's talk about some serious stuff. First off, I am so glad you are here! But, I  believe in giving credit. All things posted here on tLp are created by or for  the tLp team. All photos, gifs, and/or designs are property of the LOLLY   project blog, unless otherwise noted. "

can we collaborate on something? // see answer above!

where else can i find you? // see the social media links below or up in the nav bar! i also blog at                                                         the charming. 
still have questions? ok! hit me up my friends. 

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