one can never have too many coffee mugs. period. when ariel nathan of neatly noted reached out to me and wondered if i'd try out one of her new products - i totally said yes! then, a couple of weeks ago, i got the cutest package in the mail - with an even cuter coffee cup inside! you might have also seen me post the above picture on instagram a handful of days ago. (and while typing this i'm realizing that i'm wearing the same exact dress that i was in the picture!)  i love ariel's mission statement and goal - to help others organize in a chic and pretty cool way, leaving them more time to chase their dreams! her products are so great: coffee mugs (like mine^), sweet white + gold pencils, and organizing stationery to name a few! i think it's so neat (haha, sorry. i had to.) that companies like this are helping people achive their dreams and goals, while maintaining a simple and stylish lifestyle. to see more of neatly noted, head to ariel's website, instagram, or check out the hashtag #liveneatly -m