valentine's day is soon approaching. and you know what that means. chocolates, pretty roses, sappy cards, and one of my mom's personal favorites, conversation hearts, are all appearing on the shelves on walgreens. anyway, on a completely  different topic, i love wearing rings. besides necklaces, they're my favorite type of jewelry to wear. and what better holiday to wear rings on than val's day? so, i've created a diy incorporating rings and conversation hearts! whats not to love?

* not stated: heart shaped cookie cutter / red paint

first, roll your clay flat, removing ridges and air bubbles. once the clay is flat and measures about a 1/4 of an inch, use your cookie cutter to create the heart shape. remove excess clay. take your alphabet stamps and stamp out a conversation heart message. i used qt, call me, love u, and your mom (that one's for a friend!).

once you picked a message and have stamped it out, take your (OVEN-SAFE!) ramekin and place the clay heart inside. this will help create the "dish-like" curve. you will most likely set you oven to around 275 degrees for 15 minutes, but read the instructions on your clay packaging for an exact temperature and time. when you hear that oven ding, and have waited for the dish to cool, paint two coats of pastel color, and once dry, paint with red the stamped message. once all paint is dry, go ahead and display your super pretty rings in your equally cute dishes!

these would be super cute to give out as gifts! sort-of like a grown up valentine! gift it with an inexpensive ring from forever 21 or target and tie with a bow! instant valentines' day love! -molly