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morning routines! i feel like i'm not even worthy to share mine because it's usually so quick, haha! if you've been following this blog for a while, you would've heard me mention multiple times how i'm not super into makeup or hair - i can usually get by with some drugstore gems! BUT, i thought i'd document what goes on during my weekday mornings + share with you all the products i'm currently using, including  the most amazing new hairspray from tresemme!!

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after waking up, the first thing i do is make my bed. picking up the pillows off the floor + straigntening out the creases of my duvet is a simple way to keep my bedroom looking neat + tidy. i'll then go brush my teeth + wash my face, which usually takes about 10 minutes. then i'll come back + open the window for some fresh air + pick out an outfit for the day. if it's a day where i'm really in a hurry, i'll usually set out the clothing the night before. 

next comes makeup. usually i'll moisturize after washing my face, but if i'm extra tired + need a little facial pick-me-up, then i'll use glossier's super glow serum before. after making sure my face is hydrated, i'll dab on some powder to remove shine, fill in my brows, + darken my lashes. then i'll add some color onto cheeks + lips. [see some of my favorite lip colors here!] 

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finally, i move onto hair. usually i'll keep my natural hair + i almost never brush it, or else it kinda explodes, ya curly hair girls fee me?! if i think it needs a little touch up or i'm just really feelin' fancy, i'll throw in a few soft waves. i finish it off with a few sprays of tresseme's new compressed micro-mist hairspray! i have the boost version, + i seriously love how it provides amazing hold + volume, but without being stiff or crunchy! not to mention that the design + bottle are super stylish.


+ that's seriously it! takes only about 10-15 minutes every morning, which means i sleep in as late as possible, haha! if you want to try out tresemme's new compressed micro-mist hairspray, click here! it's also available at walmart, which is a total win! cheers to quick + easy morning routines! i'd love to know yours! comment here or head to my instagram + let me know what you wake up to! happy tuesday! =)

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even though it doesn't feel quite like it here in california,  F A L L  is among us --- which means sweaters + boots + scarves + hot drinks + alllll the colored leaf pics are among us as well. i'm not complainin'! i actually wish it was colder here in cali so i could fully surround myself in coziness, but in the mean time i've been adding as many fall colors as possible into my wardrobe, including makeup looks! to share the autumnal love with you, i've rounded up a short list of some gorgeous fall-inspired lip colors that are sure to compliment any chunky sweater or pumpkin patch selfie :)

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stilla / stay all day liquid matte / tesoro

colorpop / ultra matte lip / are n be

mac / matte lipstick / chili

fenty beauty / gloss bomb universal lip luminizer / shimering rose nude

BONUS: a mascara guide to rule them all --- compliment your lips with some pretty lashes!

if you've been following along for a little while, you'd know that i'm a  B I G  fan of any + all lip colors [see a list of my faves, here!]. i hope this little round up helps you complete your perfect fall look + fully embrace the autumn chill! cheers to sweaters + coziness + the holidays returning +  H A L L O W E E N T O W N  + apple picking + basically everything fall. happy lip-coloring!


we all have those days. you know, the ones where we feel like wearing nothing but yoga pants + baseball caps? i've been sporting my fair share of lazy-girl-chic styles thought these past four weeks of college, + i highly recommend it =) dotting on some concealer + swiping my lashes with a bit of mascara is the best way to go about casual looks in my opinion, + my new favorite addition to the lineup is perricone MD's "no makeup instant blur" --- read: magic!! in seriously 20 seconds, i can blur away imperfections, redness, pores, + more. effortless beauty? count me in!! [watch the film above to see how i incorporate "instant blur" into my lazy-day morning routine!]

perricone MD-6.jpg
perricone MD-11.jpg

why spend more time on your makeup look than you have to? instant blur is where it's at, people!! i'm telling you this truthfully. it goes on clear, dries instantly, + mattifies/smoothes in seconds. a miracle worker + an essential for literally anyone else who sports a baseball hat + yoga pants look. lazy-girl-chic forever. + ever + ever. click here to learn more about it, + here to head to my youtube channel for more little films like the one above. cheers to "no-makeup" makeup!

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pom earrings model shots-213.jpg

would you believe me if i said i've been trying to publish this post since last december? ya... things are going great over here! but in all seriousness, i think this may be one of my favorite posts i've ever done. these photos are so good you guys - SO GOOD! + these earrings are so good. everytime i wear them i get compliments. one lady even made me move my head back + forth so she could she them swing, ha! keep scrolling for the full DIY as well as a multitude of photos :) #oversharer

pom earrings model shots-7.jpg
pom earrings model shots-19.jpg

DIRECTIONS for the earrings

  1. begin by 
  2. use the pliers to open a jump ring + thread the hole of the straight post onto the ring
  3. place the jump ring + post combo onto the earring hook
  4. place a little glue onto the end of the post + insert into the center of your pom-pom. 
  5. let dry + look fly!!

SUPPLIES for the earrings

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • pom-pom maker [optional]
  • hot/super glue
  • earring hooks
  • jump rings
  • long straight jewelry posts
  • jewelry pliers
pom-pom earrings-2.jpg
pom-pom earrings-3.jpg

^^^^ the photos from december

pom earrings model shots-163.jpg
pom earrings model shots-186.jpg

^^^ look at those two --- babes, i tell ya, babes! 

^^^ it's always a party with my bestie! long-time readers might recognize lauren, my tried + true gal pal --- she started this blog with me + is still down to help out + model for my silly DIYs while she's in town. love you, friend!!

^^^ also, can we talk about this cute moped?! my dad found it on craigslist + we've fallen it love. especially him - it's like his baby! i literally think he loves it more than his children ;)

pom earrings model shots-108.jpg

i hope you liked this little DIY + are inspired to whip some up yo'self! these types of earrings can be sold for $200 + i think i made mine for about $4! they seriously look great with any outfit, + i truly get compliments on them all the time. also, if you made it this far, thanks! i know there were a lot of pictures, haha! anyway, happy pom-ing!

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images by molly + claire garvin

modeling by molly garvin, claire garvin, lauren baukus


i'll let you in on a little secret. i used to hate my smile. i've got a weird, t-shaped calcium deposit on one of my two front teeth courtesy of a high fever i had when i was a baby, i've still got those ridges on my teeth [ya know, the ones that appear when your big kid teeth grow in + are supposed to go away after a few years?] + overall my smile was dull. enter smile brilliant --- the thing that turned it alllll around! [keep scrolling for a discount code + a chance to win an SB kit!]

the way they do it is simple. you order your kit, you create molds of your teeth, send them in, receive your custom trays, + spend about an hour whitening your teeth! the kit comes with everything you need, + the packaging is really durable, so it holds up! i loved whitening before bed while watching netflix or working on the computer, but you can do it any time of the day. 





^^^^ i have generally sensitive teeth, so the fact that they include a desensitizing gel to use after the whitening solution was huuuge! 

being able to know that i can still enjoy my old lifestyle of coffee [a LOT of coffee] + other staining foods + drinks is so nice. smile brilliant has turned my old dull smile into something i'm proud of!

now it's your chance to try smile brilliant! for $20 off your trays, use the code TANDTBLOG20 [that's such a score --- don't miss your chance! the code only works for a week!] + enter here for your chance to win a free kit, allowing you to get your whitest smile ever. good luck + happy whitening!