during the first week of the new year, i decided i wanted to change up my hair. so, i chopped it to my shoulders. i've never actually been good at hair ever in my life, so when i got rubi jones' book - the art of hair - for christmas, i was really excited to try out some of her styles!

braided bun-2.jpg

i recruited my friend sarah to help me out with the process. (i'm not THAT bad at doing hair, we just needed an excuse to get together. :)

braided bun-7.jpg

after flipping through the (beautifully photographed) pages, i decided to try her "stylish topnot". we started with day-old hair, straightened, and with all tangles removed. then, we placed it into a high ponytail. 

braided bun-10.jpg

we then separated the pony into about ten sections, and braided each one. we fishtailed some, regular three-strand braided some, five-strand, you name it. we found that the more diverse your braids are, the better and more voluminous your bun turns out!

braided bun.jpg

i strongly recommend rubi's book! all the hairstyles are seriously so beautiful, and stunningly photographed. the bun turned out so well and was super cute - it even worked with my new, short hair! what about you? are you good at hairstyling? or not so much? (no shame... join the club!) happy thursday!