we all have those days. you know, the ones where we feel like wearing nothing but yoga pants + baseball caps? i've been sporting my fair share of lazy-girl-chic styles thought these past four weeks of college, + i highly recommend it =) dotting on some concealer + swiping my lashes with a bit of mascara is the best way to go about casual looks in my opinion, + my new favorite addition to the lineup is perricone MD's "no makeup instant blur" --- read: magic!! in seriously 20 seconds, i can blur away imperfections, redness, pores, + more. effortless beauty? count me in!! [watch the film above to see how i incorporate "instant blur" into my lazy-day morning routine!]

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why spend more time on your makeup look than you have to? instant blur is where it's at, people!! i'm telling you this truthfully. it goes on clear, dries instantly, + mattifies/smoothes in seconds. a miracle worker + an essential for literally anyone else who sports a baseball hat + yoga pants look. lazy-girl-chic forever. + ever + ever. click here to learn more about it, + here to head to my youtube channel for more little films like the one above. cheers to "no-makeup" makeup!

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post, images, + film by molly garvin

sponsored by linquia + perricone MD