cinnamon rolls take me back to my childhood. [a whole 19 years wOw!!] my grandma's specialty was cinnamon rolls at sunday supper instead of dinner rolls. summer mornings at the lakehouse were fueled by store bought cinnamon rolls - with extra frosting of course. but YOU. GUYS. i think i've discovered the holy grail. cinnamon roll waffles. after my sister received her long-awaited waffle maker for christmas + we woke up with hingry appetites, magic happened. keep scrolling for the recipe!!

DIRECTIONS for the waffles

  1. plug in the waffle maker + turn it on
  2. open the package of cinnamon rolls + separate
  3. once heated, grease the waffle maker to ensure the rolls won't stick!
  4. flatten each roll before placing it into the waffle maker - ours had a space for four waffles, so we put in four cinnamon rolls at a time
  5. cook according to the maker's instructions, remove, + let cool
  6. ICE + enjoy!!

INGREDIENTS for the waffles

  • store-bought cinnamon rolls
  • waffle maker
  • cooking spray/butter/something to grease with

cinnamon roll waffles-51.jpg
cinnamon roll waffles-56.jpg
cinnamon roll waffles-59.jpg
cinnamon roll waffles-54.jpg

that's it! i would legit eat this for breakfast every day if i could. [but i can't because apparently cinnamon rolls aren't healthy.....?] these little guys would be so perfect for valentines day, topped with some gorgeous berries --- PLEASE make these. for me guys, please. okay that is all! happy waffling!