guys!! it's about time! after i procrastinated for like a month [#college], i'm finally getting around to posting my time at the museum of ice cream! yes, it is as amazing as it looks. back in june, when i heard that the MOIC LA dates were being extended to october, i KNEW i needed one, so i hopped on the website like 10 minutes before the sale went live + waited [not so] patiently - once i got inside the site there was more waiting, but luckily i got in + was able to snag two tickets for my birthday weekend. best early b-day present, ever!


after grabbing slice of pizza, we headed across the street to the pinkest building you've ever seen. while we waited for our group to be called, we hung out and snapped some pics in the cutest patio space ever! i'm convinced you can never go wrong with a bougainvillea  + string light combo ;)


when our time finally came, we scanned our tickets + headed into the most magical 45 minutes of our lives, ha! here are some highlights from my personal favorite rooms. 

head to instagram to see the cutest boomerang of us on the banana swings!


+ finally, the moment you've all been waiting for --- the sprinkle pool. just as magical as it sounds. we didn't get quite enough time in there because a huge group was just about to come right in, but we were there long enough for me to find sprinkles in my shoes, bed, + floor days later!! 


so that's about it! pretty quick + very delayed [sorry!], but super fun + such a great memory. if you find yourself getting the chance to go, DO IT! it's an experience that's seriously like no other. if you can't get tickets to san francisco where they're currently located, they're planning on expanding to miami, opening a flagship experience in NYC, + possibly even a hotel in vegas! so much more exciting stuff to come. 

peace, friends! happy monday :)

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post + images by molly garvin