how long have you + your oldest friend been friends? some of my tried + true ladies i've known since before birth [if you count that... haha!], + natalie is one of these friends. she lived two blocks down the street from me growing up, we danced in the same ballet class, sat next to each other in the middle school band [flute + clarinet section WOOT WOO!], + were in the same playgroup as babies. i think we've spent almost every, if not all, 19 birthdays together - oh ya, + we're four days apart. so basically sisters, ya know? [more posts featuring natalie here + here!]

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somehow, by the grace of god, we both ended up in california at the exact same time. so, the tradition of birthday celebrations + random adventures are continuing, + probably [hopefully] will forever :) a few sundays ago, we decided to meet up for a farmer's market date, which turned into lunch, which turned into us sitting on someone's random stoop looking for free things to do in LA, because #collegebudgetlife. thankfully, the griffith was only about 15 minutes away, so we ponied up some cash for an uber + went to search for ryan gosling [but avtually just look out over this beautiful city that we both now call home]

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as we hiked up the road [myself in a dress, natalie in flip flops #idiots] we turned around for a second and OH HEY HOLLYWOOD SIGN! i'm not sure why the sign holds so much magic in my heart, but it just does. it was so surreal to be up there with my best friend knowing we live here now, + think back on our entire lives + how they lead us here!! ahhh so crazy, so weird, so good. 

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after a good bit of sightseeing + shedding tears [not really ;) but i could have!] about how amazing our city is, we headed back down + said our goodbyes, knowing we'd see each other next week! ha! we headed to the MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM last sunday + both died, so i'll be posting that recap from the grave. cheers to lifelong friends + amazing views! 

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post + images by molly garvin