guys!!! i'm so excited to announce THIS + THAT'S CHICAGO ICE CREAM CRAWL! i had seriously so much fun creating T+T's chicago coffee crawl last year, + i knew i had to do another! so, i reached out to all of you through instagram stories + asked you to vote for either ice cream or donuts --- as you probably guessed, ice cream won out, but don't worry donut lovers... there's still time for us :) please watch the little film - i hope you enjoy it! keep reading for more photos of each location, as well as our opinions on each spot. also, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to youtube! 

before this, i had only eaten rolled ice cream once, + it was just a sample! buuuuut, i have officially tasted it in it's full form + can say that i am 100% team rolled ice cream! we all decided it was surprisingly creamy, + it's so fun being able to watch the employees make it right in front of you. the only thing is, it gets super crowded [we went at 2pm on a tuesday + had to wait about 15-20 minutes]

as mentioned in the video, jeni's isn't specific to chicago, but it is absolutely still worth adding to the crawl! the unique flavors are what makes jeni's so awesome. by their names, the flavors might sound a little funky, but no matter how crazy the title, they always taste amazing!

maaaaaybe the most instagramable food items available for purchase in the city of chicago --- + seriously, they taste as good as they look! bombo bar has great walk-up window + is actually a side biz of bar sienna, which resides right next door. they also serve meal-type food, + their treats are available all year round! they have a version of the chocolate milkshake that they serve as hot chocolate in the inter, + it is seriously a must have while you're in the windy city!! 

cone is great for the traditional ice cream route, but they also give their own spin to sundaes + cones! i'm not sure why we didn't see them when we were there [you know we would have gotten a lucky charm covered cone!!] but the ice cream we had was still amazing! it's also in the best location, + almost everyone who works there is irish - fun little fact! they also sell irish candy + other products specific to the green country!

are you craving a scoop yet? ;) i hope you've added at least one of these places to your travel bucket list + enjoyed the video as much as i did while making it! stay tuned for even more chicago crawls + guides, but in the meantime, see all my chicago favorirtes here, T+T's chicago coffee crawl here, + subscribe to youtube for future videos here! 

post by molly garvin

film + photos by molly + claire garvin, edited by molly garvin