isn't it crazy how everyone has some type of music they enjoy? i've never met, let alone heard of, someone who "hates" music. now, that might just be because i'm surrounded by the right kind of people, but seriously, music it so much bigger that it seems. it has the power to make you feel things out of the ordinary + you can tailor your music choices to any situation. speaking of that, in preparation for our upcoming trip to california, my sister claire + i created a playlist with only a few things in mind: the sun, the sand, the salty coast, + no worries. click here or scroll down to listen to our   C A L I F O R N I A  roadtrip playlist - spring edition. i'm maybe thinking of making this into a series... a roadtrip playlist for every season. i''m kinda feelin' it. who knows. for now, enjoy this curated batch of 100 of the best springtime songs. 

post + photos by molly garvin

playlist by molly + claire garvin