i love traditions. i LIVE for traditions. (i'm a little OCD, so that contributes to it just a bit... ;) keeping up with traditions started in years past is one of my favorite things, especially when said tradition is going to an amusement park with your best friend and your sisters.

a few different friends than those who came with on last years trip tagged along this year, but it was just as fun nonetheless. we hopped in the car, grabbed some coffee, jumped on the road. the park is about an hour away from where we live, but the drive allows for some pretty aweeeeesome jams to be played. we finally arrived at around 11 am, checked into the park, and headed to our first ride. 

story time: here's 3/5 of us, in line for goliath. it's the world's fastest wooden rollercoaster going up to 72 mph and a 85 degree drop. we decided to wait in the single rider lane which was significantly shorter than the regular rider lane, but it meant that none of us could ride together. we had an odd number to begin with, so my sister caroline (middle) was fine with going alone already, but the rest of us were kinda bummin'. when we got to the front of the line, there was a family of five in the regular rider lane (they're allowed to ride first, then single riders go if needed). they wanted to stick together, which meant there were two seats now open right next to each other. the attendant turned to my sister claire and her friend gigi (right) and told them they could ride together! then suddenly, another two seats opened up right in front of claire and g, and lauren (left) and i got to take them! long story short: we all got to ride together even though we were in the single rider lane. (and basically cheated the system!!) to that kind attendant working the ride, thank you thank you thank you, girl!  

claire and gigi, lauren and i. besties besties besties forevs. 

the weather was a bit cloudy, which made us think the lines would be shorter and there would be less people. buy, were we wrong. we waited in line for two hours before riding our first ride, but there were a few delays as well. we only rode about five or six rides throughout the entire day, but it was still fun regardless! 

what about you? any fun traditions among your family/friends? don't forget to check out last year's trip, here!

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