sure, call me crazy, but i love making videos, probably more than the next guy. so when we headed to the waterpark last wednesday, i knew i wanted to document this memory on film, so that's what i did. i have to say, this is definitely one of my favorite videos i've made so far. (see my others here!) 

we arrived a little after it opened - gopro, camera, lunch, towels, sunscreen, and more - in tow. the weather was predicted to be preeeety hot, but there were a lot of cool breezes and clouds to give us breaks from the sun. 

we paused to eat a quick lunch outside the park around noon, and had (seriously) some of the best watermelon i've ever had. picnic lunches are the best, y'all!

the gopro shots we captured are seriously my fave. that selfie will be cherished. 

after a solid handful of hours, we dried off, packed up, took one last group pic, and headed home. until next time, raging waves!