my grandma is like the holy grail of cinnamon rolls. wow - now that's a sentence i never would have imagined i'd ever say. but seriously, she makes the best cinnamon rolls ever. a few saturdays ago, both my little brother + i had a craving for those exact pastries. we only had the store-bought kind in the fridge, but decided to spice them up a little. 

after they'd been fully baked in the oven and had cooled a little, we worked a bit of magic with the pre-packaged icing and some food coloring, + these cinnamon rolls became the prettiest ones i'd ever seen. add some flower sprinkles on top, + they were good to go. 

a budding instagrammer. haha! so cute. 

a snap from my instagram from that morning. 

what's your opinion on cinnamon rolls? nothing can ever match up to my grandma's, but these were pretty close. i think the sprinkles had something to do with it. for sure. :)