HAPPY 2017! [although right now, as i'm typing, the new year is still 57 minutes away] i'm sitting here on my couch having gotten back from the bulls game [because i have to do something on NYE - i'm a people person, and a tragic FOMO sufferer] and watching the ball drop in times square. thinking about all the craziness + change that this year will bring, as well as creating my resolutions for this year, and reflecting on how well i completed the ones from last year!

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  1. dish out more compliments - i'm a huge affirmation person. when someone compliments me or notices something unique, it always makes me feel so good! i'm hoping to spread that feeling to others throughout this year.
  2. thin out my closet - i've got too many clothes, peeps. i want to focus on quality versus quantity and having more items that bring me joy instead of drawers so full they barely shut. 
  3. organize my sd cards and save all the videos i create - this one's kinda weird, but it makes sense to me. at the end of 2016, i realized that i hadn't been keeping all my photography supplies in order, which almost killed me, because i'm so ocd it's not even funny. i've gotta figure out an organizational system for these babies and fast, because the films don't seem to be ceasing anytime soon!
  4. wear more hats! - this is also more on the chillax side, but i have so many hats that are spending their days as wall decor than an actual head-covering device. completing this one will also give me an excuse to have more bad hair days ;)
  5. stop caring about social media [ahem, instagram! i'm looking at you!] so much - this past year, i've found myself deleting photos that didn't fit my *aesthetic*, comparing myself to others, letting jealousy consume me, and more. i'm done! or at least i want to be. 
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last year, my resolutions were: [see the full post here]

  1. wear my hair different ways
  2. make more videos
  3. drink more water
  4. promote flag fest better
  5. stop comparing myself to others

personally, i'd say i knocked numbers 2+3 OUT OF THE PARK! i made a ton of new videos and got even better/more creative at editing, and my water consumption was preeeeety stellar if i do day so myself. number 1 was ok - i'm still not great at doing my hair, but i'm getting better! number 4 failed laughably. i decided to stop flag fest altogether, it was to much and i couldn't give 100%. maybe i'll own a shop later in life, who knows. and according to my resolutions for this year, number 5 still needs work.

here's to completed resolutions + new goals! i can't wait for the new adventures, suprises, + good stuff 2017 will bring. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

dress: roolee boutique

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