when the weather gods are kind and give you a nice 52* day on christmas adam, you take full advantage of that bad boy! my friend natalie was in town from wisconsin, so we used the day as an excuse to check out yet another brunch spot downtown. our initial plan was to try hash chicago, but because it was the day after christmas, they were closed. luckily, the aesthetic of the bite cafe  caught our eyes and drew us in.

the food was so good. honestly, it probably tasted better because it was such a nice day!  [i swear days like those are legit medicine. good for your spirits, good for your soul.] once we finished up breakfast, we hopped back in the car and drove to stans donuts. now, i know what you're thinking, "didn't you just east breakfast?!". the answer to that, my friends, is yes. we used the excuse that "since natalie lives in wisconsin, she only gets to eat them when she's here!" but the truth is, we're donut sluts. honest + true. #sorrynotsorry

thanks for adventuring with me nat! and thank you weather for being sooooo nice. you da bestest :) 

molly's outfit: gingham button-up / jeans [on sale!] / watch

photos by molly + claire garvin for THIS + THAT