hello from the other side of this holiday season! i hope your day [+ days surrounding the 25th - gotta extend that vacation!] were the perfect combo of relaxing and joyful. i'm currently in nashville for a little christmas round two with the extended family and thought i'd share a little bit of my christmas day before time gets away from us. more photos [+ videos per usual] from this trip to come!

i never realized how truly crooked our tree was until i tried to straighten out this image in lightroom ^^ waaaaaaay off hahaa!

this is my "i'm staying in pajamas all day + i don't care who judges me" face ^^ it looks shockingly similar to my "who wants dessert?" face ;)

christmas 2016-2.jpg

my sister's new child a.k.a. her new kate spade ballet slipper purse ^^

we finished the day off with a slow dinner, ice cream, movies, and friends. i truly did wear my pajamas all day and it was the bomb. anyone want to be a professional lounger with me? i'm taking signups starting... now! once again, i hope you had a fantastic weekend! [see last year's christmas here and here]

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