christmas eve 2016-2.jpg

are these side-by-side opposite focus photos still on trend? ^^

christmas in the city will always be my favorite. the day i fall out of love with a well-decorated city will be the day i die. it's surprisingly never crowded, and everyone has the same collective respect for each other + the magic of the season. after my family and i finished our dinner, we drove around the city and made pit stops for photos, in typical fashion. after we felt satisfied with our photo-ops, we got on the expressway back home, but felt the need for ice cream. we had skipped dessert at the restaurant because we had portillos chocolate cake at home, but it wasn't 'til we were going sixty-five miles an hour that we realized we needed some ice cream to accompany it. a 9 pm trip to a super target and a few other items later, we had our ice cream, our cake, home alone, and extreme excitement for tomorrow morning - which is actually today, because i'm writing this at 12:59 am. so goodnight, and merry christmas!!!

photos by molly + claire garvin for THIS + THAT

film by molly garvin for THIS + THAT