in what is probably the craziest season of the year, it's important to give something that's meaningful but unique. as important as the actual present is, i always try to put a good amount of effort into the wrapping of the gift as well. i know i love receiving beautifully wrapped presents - i even love seeing them on pinterest! to step up my own wrapping game, i've partnered with pinpaper press to become a giving legend [and to help you become one too!]

pinpaper press.jpg
pinpaper press-5.jpg

i'm most likely framing this one and turning it into wall art ^^

i shared a little bit of their process on my instagram, but the gist is that you connect either your facebook, instagram, or pinterest and the photos collected from those accounts are combined and printed into wrapping paper! i printed three different boards from my pinterest [colors, neon, and christmas] and i seriously LOVE how they turned out. my christmas board made the perfect sheet of wrapping paper for the holiday season, and i can't wait to use the other two! if you'd like to become a gifting legend, use the code 12THISNTHAT to get 12% off of your order! and at the end of this week, i'll be hosting an instagram giveaway on instagram where you can win one free design and free shipping! make sure you're following me, becuase you're gonna want to enter this one! trust me, you won't regret it, and your gifting game will be so much better! let me know if you use it - i wan;t to see your designs! merry christmas and happy wrapping! 

photos by molly garvin for THIS + THAT