merry christmas friends! wishing you all the best this weekend, and i hope you're all having a great time with the best family and friends. i'm off to michigan tomorrow for some quality time of my own, but i'll be back soon. you can follow along on instagram as well! happy holidays!

christmas traditions are probably my favorite things ever. i'm kind of ocd, and when traditions are upheld, it brings me a lot of joy. (it's weird, don't ask) one tradition that is a big fave among family and friends is christmas caroling. we all gather together, bundle up, head outside, and go door to door ringing people's doorbells and spread some christmas cheer, buddy-the-elf style. this year, some newer friends of ours invited all of us over to visit their grandmother's christmas lights in her backyard. to some, this may sound strange. but we've driven by this house a million times during the holiday season, outside the gate, looking in, trying to get a good view of what magic glowed inside. when we were formally invited inside, it made pretty much everyone's christmas. we're talking acres of lit up trees, gazebos, signs, little reindeer, a fully functioning train that you can ride around the entire property, etc. it was crazy magical, and such a great way to celebrate the last few days before christmas.