i had been on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed jeans for a long time.  i couldn't find a pair that i liked well enough to commit a big $$$ to, and the cheaper ones were, well, cheap. and then i remembered that sometimes i craft and that i should just make my own.  duh. so i did, and was blown away by how easy it was! the washing machine does most of your work, actually! here's what you'll need to distress your own jeans. 

  • a pair of jeans. (i recommend practicing on some old ones first)
  • x-acto knife
  • tape or chalk
  • scissors
  • nail file/cheese grater
  • tweezers (optional)

1. start by taping off the areas you want to distress. (knees, back pockets, etc.) i find putting the jeans on first helps to find the correct placements.

2. insert your cardboard scrap inside the leg of the jean and place it under the area you are distressing. take your x-acto knife and cut horizontal slits, all the same length, into the jeans. denim is laid out with white horizontal thread woven into blue vertical thread, and cutting the strips allows you to remove the blue strips, leaving the white.

3. after you've cut the strips, separate the blue strands by grabbing them in the middle and pulling out to each side, revealing the white strands! using your fingers or tweezers, pull out the loose blue threads and discard them.

4. once all the blue threads are removed, take the grater or nail file and "rough up" some of the edges of the pockets and bottoms of the legs. or not! this part is where creative freedom comes in, do what you want! i love the look of distressed back pockets and edges of the legs, but anything goes!

5. place those guys into the washing machine! they'll adopt a bit more of a used look, and once they've dried, your set to wear 'em!

remember these ^^^ from this?

strut your stuff and feel free to tell everyone that yes, you distressed these yourself. because you are an awesome boss lady who rules. -m


clockwise from upper center: american eagle, gap, madewell, refinery29, j.crew
time flies even when you're not having fun. (and by not having fun i mean studying for finals. tis' the season right?) my last real post was about a week and a half ago. anyway, i have been on the hunt for sometime now in search of the perfect boyfriend jean. madewell has my favorite pair, but i'm afraid my wallet will become to light once i leave with them in tow. american eagle has some inexpensive pairs, that could be distressed by themselves. we'll see. the hunt continues for now! if you have a favorite pair of bf jeans i'd love to hear about them! xo. molly 

Beach Day

it's summer. heading downtown to the Chicago beaches for some time in the sun is one of my favorite pastimes. i love everything about the beach. except what to do with my hair. here are some of my favorite styles that i have tried out and grown to love.
i love Ana from IHOD.  over on eHow, she gives a full tutorial on how to tame your locks in a chic side braid chignon. its perfect for when you need a hairstyle that'll stay all day, and you'll almost never have to touch up. 


i absolutely love sea salt sprays. they enhance the waves in your hair, like the ocean air would. my favorite way to style these effortless waves is with a twist scarf or a cute headband. make sure you use a leave-in conditioner with sea salt sprays, to keep hair healthy.  

a teased updo is  another simple hair style that anyone can do. 1. comb 2. tease 3. secure. done and done. you may have to tame some flyaways - spritz some hairspray in your teasing brush or comb, and lightly brush into place. 

did i make you want to drag out the beach bag and set up the umbrella and towel? i thought so. and now you can look killer stylish when you do. xo. Molly