happy 2015! i'm sticking true to one of my resolutions right off the bat with this super simple quotable wall hanging! it's the perfect project to motivate you to stick to your own resolutions and goals! and the best thing is you can customize the saying and make a few to put around your house, without cluttering your walls!

if you have a pre-sewn/made piece of canvas that would work for this diy, you're already ahead of the game! if not, take your canvas and trace a picture frame that is similar to the size you want your wall hanging to be. once traced, cut it out and either sew a 1 inch fold/loop so you can insert the wooden dowel later. if you don't have a sewing machine or would like an easier option, you could use fabric glue to secure the fold. (just make sure you only glue down the edge and not the whole fold!) iron out any creases and/or wrinkles. 

 next, take your iron-on transfer paper and follow the directions (seriously!) for printing on a quote. i chose "today will be awesome" but there are a ton of options! after printing, cut out either each individual letter (for a messier look) or use the "bubble cut" technique for a cleaner, straight line look.

when all is cut out, place and iron on the letters. refer back to the transfer paper instructions for exact ironing details. (the parts of the transfer paper that don't have any ink on them may leave a bit of a film, depending on the kind you purchased.) 

after the letters have been ironed on and cooled off, insert the wooden dowel into the fold/loop you created earlier. cut your string to your desired length and tie onto each end of the dowel. hang and enjoy looking at your pretty piece of art.

here's a few more quote choices to spark some creativity. there's and endless amount of choices for this project! make as many as you want, give 'em as gifts, or switch them out each season! -molly 

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