wow. hey guys! long time no see! i really missed posting real content and diy's. but you know, there's this thing called life. yea. it get's in the way - doesn't it? anyway, i'm here to bring you a new post inspired by brittni of paper & stitch. (link at the bottom of post) i hope you enjoy! 
  • cloth napkins
  • paint
  • stamps
  • paintbrush (optional)
click through for full tutorial

start by laying out your napkin and smoothing it down. take your stamp, and either dip it directly in the paint, or use the paintbrush to evenly distribute the paint onto the stamp. this allows for a cleaner look, while dipping directly is more of a messy approach.

start stamping, either randomly or in a pattern. again - what approach you take depends on what you want your outcome to look like. and embrace the smudges, that\s what makes it look homemade!

 once you finish stamping, let dry and there you go folks! hand-stamped napkins that will bring life to any dinner party.

 enjoy! xo. molly
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