as we're moving out of the graduation season and into summer, i thought it would be a great idea to share one of my favorite party DIY's that is always super simple and an awesome addition to any gathering! (if you couldn't already tell from the title, it's a photobooth!) my younger sister just had her graduation and party last week, so to add a different dynamic, we created this super easy layered photobooth!


  • plastic tablecloths in two or more colors (we got ours from the dollar store!)
  • scissors
  • scotch blue tape

step one: remove all tablecloths from their packaging and lay them out on a clean, flat surface.

step two: the folds created by the packaging should be visible when the tablecloths are laid out. cut along those folds, creating three to four strips, each around one and a half feet wide.

step three: using the scotch tape, attach each strip of tablecloth to your backdrop basis. (eg. a flat wall) start from the bottom and work your way up, alternating colors as you go. this step is the most time consuming; you may want take a spontaneous dance break half way through. 

step four: set up the camera, hang some lights, and get posing!