i know, i know -- it's the end of february + i'm just now getting around to sharing the 2017 recap film. it's the thought that counts people! plus, when i first started this tradition in 2015 i shared in march, so i'm still beating that!! anyway. life has been off to a crazy busy start this 2018, but i wouldn't change it for a thing. i had fallen into a bit of a creative rut these first few weeks, but i can feel myself climbing out of the hole + i cannot wait to be back! i've some good stuff coming soon. anyway, let's get into the 2017 recap -- my favorite posts, the most popular posts, + some of my favorite memories are highlighted below in chronoligical order. + just a quick note before we get into it, i want to thank you all for being here. i serioously love every one of you who have followed along + continue to do so. i can't wait for the rest of 2018 + all the goodness it'll bring =) -- okay let's recap!

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disney world - watch the film here


do i even need words? no? okay - good because i don't have any, except these: "disney is 100% the happiest place on earth + i could cry just thinking about being there".

galentine's day brunch


THIS. this was one of the first gatherings i had ever hosted by myself - i'm talking brainstorming, prep, cooking, invites, etc. it was definitely one of the best days, + i miss my gals so much it hurts! can't wait to have many more brunches, lunches, dinners, + parties in the future =)

spring break part one - watch the film here

los angeles. this trip holds a special place in my heart, especially because i live here now! but also because claire + i shot a film for atlas supply co [watch it here!], which was HUGE for me. it was my first big collab + took a lot of guts for me to hit the send button on the proposal email. but seriously, this trip was one of the best memories from 2017, along with part two, below! we also visited california donuts, which makes my life every time ;)

spring break part two - watch the film here


carmel + monterey, quite possibly heaven on earth. i can still remember the smell of the flowers, it was that amazing. we only got to stay one night here, but mark my words - i will be back!

backyard graduation party - watch the film here


anytime my family gets together is a good time. i was so blessed to have friends + extended family come from all over to celebrate my graduation + supporting me through to my next step education wise! 

styling with scarves

THIS BAD BOY was a fan favorite! i had tons of friends on instagram tell me how much they loved the film, + i can safely say i had just as much fun filming + creating it. with the help of my friend sarah, we were able to have a fun afternoon + got to create just for the sake of creating. =)

the fourth of july - watch the film here

this tradition has been going on for about three years now, + each time it gets a little better. like i said before, anytime family gets together is the BEST. [i'm so lucky to have family that i actually want to spend time with ;) - haha, jk!] it's also so fun to reflect back on our times at the lake over the summer, especially now, since i'm so far away!

t+t's chicago ice cream crawl - watch the film here


probably one of my favorite posts from 2017. i loved doing T+T's chicago coffee crawl in 2016, + thought it was definitely time to do another, but this time with ice cream! so overnight, we gathered our team together, searched for the best scoops, + gained a few calories, ha!

chili lime watermelon recipe


also one of my favorite posts, this insanely amazing recipe was inspired by my trip to the taste of chicago. a snack i ate all throughout the summer!

diy pom pom dangle earrings 


OKAY I KNOW I'VE SAID THIS FOR ABOUT EVERY ONE BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY PROBABLY MY NUMER ONE FAVORITE POST EVER. i love it so much that i had to type in all caps for a sec. forget the fact that it took me like 8 months to actually post it, + instead just look at those photos! my freakin' babe friends make the earrings look so good don't they? go make some for yourself like rn!

the museum of ice cream


no words for this magical place, either! even to this day, i'm still in disbelief that i even snagged tickets, + i'm so happy that i was able to go with one of my best friends since birth! i've heard that their SF location + miami location are even better then the LA one -- anyone down for a cross country roadtrip?

garvin family christmas - watch the film here


+ lastly, the 2017 garvin family christmas. being in california away from my family, i missed a lot of holiday traditions because i was so far away [obviously], so it was so fun to finally have a month off + reconnect with friends + family during the holiday. 

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all in all, 2017 brought on a lot of amazing, irreplaceable memories, but also lots of change. i moved across the country, learned how to live on my own, made new friends, kept taking photos, grew my brand, + upped my film game by like a million. i can't wait to take everything that i learned from this past year + utilize it this year to further learn + grow. thank you again for being here + supporting me - i love you all! happy [february] 2018!


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wow. 2017 - you were a good one! so many countless memories were made + i wouldn't trade them for anything! [see my full year recap here!] with the new year comes new resolutions, + i'm so excited to reflect on last year's resolutions as well as create new ones for this year! also, my friends at berg + betts were kind enough to send me a gorgeous new watch that i cannot wait to style throughout the new year, + they also gave YOU a discount code -- find it at the bottom of this post! okay, let's get into the resolutions!

[previous new year's posts: 2015 resolutions / 2016 resolutions / 2017 resolutions

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  1. dish out more compliments

  2. thin out my closet

  3. organize my sd cards and save all the videos i create

  4. wear more hats! 

  5. stop caring about social media [ahem, instagram! i'm looking at you!] so much

[see the full post here] i'm never one to get down on myself for slacking on my resolutions, but i kinda sucked-with-a-capital-S this year 😂. BUT - i knocked #3 out of the park for SURE! i cleared out a hard drive at the beginning of the year + have uploaded almost every video taken + film created this year to it! amazon prime photo has also been super helpful in media organization, + it's been so nice to empty all the photos from my SD cards + keep them straight. i think i thinned out my closet a little bit [moving to california helped for sure], but i also bought a lot of clothing, so i think it cancels out... haha! as far as "not caring" about social media, i think i did the best i could. i definitely took a step back + stopped letting it define how i lived, but i don't think i could have grown my business + brand as much as i did this year without caring as much as i did, ya feel? cannot wait to see where i go with T+T this year :) + finally, i think i gave compliments, but by the end of the year i definitely try to give compliments. i think i'll carry this one over into 2018. next up, this years resolutions!! 

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  1. take more casual photos with my DSLR - i always make a point to take my dslr along with me when i go to events or things that warrant good photos, but i want to capture the small moments too, + not just on my iphone!
  2. make an effort to form new relationships + strengthen pre-existing ones - i'm a HUGE relationship person, i want to make an effort this year to really strengthen the relationships i have + form new ones with people in my school community, church community, + online community! friends are the best :)
  3. eat better + find a workout i love - i hate running, but i still do it. i'm making it a point to eat better + really try to hone in on wellness in relation to my diet + exercise routines. we tried a little bit last year with whole30, but it ended up creating more problems than it did eliminating "pounds". 
  4. listen to more podcasts/read more books - STOP with the netflix molly!! i could probably singlehandedly support the entire netflix corporation -- i'm making a conscious effort this year to listen to good podcasts that teach me a lot + reading books that stimulate my creativity. 
  5. dig into god's word + strengthen my relationship with him - as of the end of 2017, i was beginning to form good habits + i'm excited to put even more work + time into them in the coming months so i can grow increasingly closer to Him, always!!
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berg + betts-5.jpg

+ that's it! do you create resolutions for yourself? if so, i'd love to hear 'em -- go ahead + share in the comments below or on my instagram!  and now, the moment you've alll been waiting for -- as i mentioned above, berg + betts was kind enough to supply a discount code for T+T readers - use "THISTHAT" for 20% off your watch purchase! they seriously have the most beautiful timepieces, + i can't wait to use mine to keep track of time + have it serve as a reminder of all the things i want to accomplish in 2018. 

cheers to what will hopefully be the best year yet! love all of you babes, thanks for supporting me + this crazy little blog every year. you're all the best. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

post by molly garvin

images by claire garvin

watch: berg + betts

top: anthro -- ON SALE!!

jean jacket: thrifted


the week leading up to new years, my cousins from tennessee came into town! it had snowed a ton the day before, and luckily had not melted. the night they got there, someone mentioned sledding, just as a joke, but we thought it would be pretty fun! so, we decided to go sledding, and wouldn't let a little darkness stop us. they almost never get snow up there, so it was a real treat for them to get to experience that. (even if it's a little childish.. haha!) 

thanks to the trusty tools of photoshop, i was able to brighten some of our photos so that you can actually see them. even though the photos are horrible, it was still so much fun, spending time as a bunch of kids. we had fun, just like our old times as cousins. 


happy 2016 friends! i'm so excited for this upcoming year - there's a lot of good things in store. lately i've been thinking about how i want this year to play out, and trying to come up with some resolutions/goals to focus on in 2016. when i make resolutions, i always try to not put pressure on myself to keep up. if i begin to fail, i try to make a conscious effort to do better, but i never beat myself up for not completing them. below are some of my 2016 goals!


  1. wear my hair in different ways - i've never really been one to primp myself up. i'm not the best at makeup, i'm not the best at doing hair, i usually go for the half-up or having it simply down, whatever. for christmas, my mom got me rubi jones' book, the art of hair, and all of her styles are so great and beautifully photographed. it's a goal to style my hair in a new way at least once a week. it might seem like a small goal (and kind of silly!) but for me, it's something i really want to do. 
  2. film more videos - i started making videos this year, and i fell in love. i really believe they give a whole other aspect to the documentation of events. it's so fun to look back on old posts and watch the films i created - there's so many memories that can be relived through video. i made a good amount in 2015, and i can't wait to make even more this coming year. 
  3. drink more water - this one happened almost by accident last year. it wasn't a real goal of mine, but i found myself ordering water over other drinks at restaurants, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge during the day, and i really want to keep this up. hopefully drink at least three big glasses of water per day. i've found it really gives me more energy and makes me feel better, overall. 
  4. promote flag fest better - later in 2015, i started a shop! flag fest was born in the fall, but i haven't done much to push it along. i've reached out to some bloggers and friend about receiving the flags, and there's ben an overwhelming response in that small community. it's a big goal of mine this year to spread the word about flag fest and hopefully bring in more response. 
  5. stop comparing myself to others/be myself/push myself to do better - i've found recently that i'm comparing myself to others and trying to make myself like them. i want to be known for myself, for what i do, for something that i did. i'm making it  goal to focus on myself and my own work instead of comparing myself to those i admire (and slightly envy). instead of thinking "she has this... i need that too" i want to focus on what i have and what i'm thankful for in my own life. instead of feeling down because i think i'll never be like or as good as them, i need to shut down these thoughts and push myself to be better, and to be myself. 

like i said above, i never get myself down for not completing the goals and resolutions i set for myself, and i'm so excited to see where this new year takes me. there'll be more traveling (i'm going to dublin!!!!!), more adventures, and more posts in general. i can't wait. happy new year! 

p.s.  these photos are from new years eve when my sisters claire + caroline and cousin katie headed down to the city! we stopped at firecakes donuts, too. so good!