umm, can we just talk about how my eyes bare a scary resemblance to my pin...? haha!

umm, can we just talk about how my eyes bare a scary resemblance to my pin...? haha!

BOO, WITCH!! happy halloween friends! i thought i'd pop on here + say hey - i hope your day is super spooky + filled with yummy treats + that you can eat alllllll the candy without your stomach hurting. i didn't have a costume for this year, but i did have this outfit picked out for over a week so it's basically the same thing right? okay, good. 

my top + culotte jeans are old from madewell, + jean jacket from here! my pom-pom earrings were a DIY from this summer + an ULTIMATE fave!! get the instructions + read the post here

i also just want to say thanks so much for being here; a part of this community. i'm so glad you choose to read my silly little posts on this silly little blog. you guys are the absolute best ever!! have a great start to your holiday season!

power pose ^^

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even though it doesn't feel quite like it here in california,  F A L L  is among us --- which means sweaters + boots + scarves + hot drinks + alllll the colored leaf pics are among us as well. i'm not complainin'! i actually wish it was colder here in cali so i could fully surround myself in coziness, but in the mean time i've been adding as many fall colors as possible into my wardrobe, including makeup looks! to share the autumnal love with you, i've rounded up a short list of some gorgeous fall-inspired lip colors that are sure to compliment any chunky sweater or pumpkin patch selfie :)

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stilla / stay all day liquid matte / tesoro

colorpop / ultra matte lip / are n be

mac / matte lipstick / chili

fenty beauty / gloss bomb universal lip luminizer / shimering rose nude

BONUS: a mascara guide to rule them all --- compliment your lips with some pretty lashes!

if you've been following along for a little while, you'd know that i'm a  B I G  fan of any + all lip colors [see a list of my faves, here!]. i hope this little round up helps you complete your perfect fall look + fully embrace the autumn chill! cheers to sweaters + coziness + the holidays returning +  H A L L O W E E N T O W N  + apple picking + basically everything fall. happy lip-coloring!


i always say that it's too hard for me to pick a favorite season - they're all too good. but fall, you're sure as hell in the lead right now. ;) to make the most out of the last few days you're providing us, i gathered up some friends + food and headed out to have a little picnic.

i heated up some cider, grabbed some donuts, and packed the picnic basket. the stanely-pmi products totally came in handy with keeping the apple cider warm. they're known for their insulated products that keep drinks hot or cold for 24 hours. i can definitely say that they lived up to expectations. seriously so good. 

whenever these gals and i get together, we alway have to mark the occasion with a few photos. see my friend's photography here!

i was so happy to be approached a second time to work with the stanley-pmi brand because their products are truly amazing, and something that i use almost every day. they came in so handy when we'd take the boat out on the lake during the summer. guaranteed cool drinks in the hot sun is a dealbreaker, people! check them out - seriously. you need these

guys, we never pose in our photos. never. always candid. 100% of the time. ^^

it was so fun to enjoy the fall weather and the vibrant autumn colors of the trees. being with these friends is always a treat, and the rare times we can all get together is really special. thanks to stanley-pmi for keeping our drinks (and us!) warm, and thanks fall, for just bein' you.

post + images by molly garvin


happy halloween everyone! i didn't het the chance to get too dressed up this year, but wanted to drop in and wish everyone a spooky day filled with candy and yummy food and scary movies and good times. now, i'm off to eat some chili and watch halloweentown (a personal fave ;) - have great night!


if you asked me to choose a favorite autumn activity, i probably shout "APPLE PICKING" in your face at an unreasonably loud volume. sorry about that. it's just that i seriously love apple picking! the activity in itself screams fall, and it's been a tradition in my family for years. two saturdays ago, we piled in the car and headed to our favorite spot - honey hill. (sorry in advance for the overload of pictures! they were just too good!)

apple orchard 2016-22.jpg
apple orchard 2016-2.jpg

before we got picking, we grabbed some warm apple cider and donuts. the. freakin'. best. can someone please tell me if they know of anything better than those apple cider donuts? because i'm coming up blank ;)

while we waited for the tractors to take us out to the trees, we said hello to the animals they had in the petting zoo. the sun flare that got captured with that little guy ^^ is magic!

after filling our bags to the brim with the best-looking apples we could find (aka honeycrisp - THE best kind out there), we headed over to the pumpkin and raspberry patches to pick some of each.

they had a ton of uniquely colored pumpkins this year! that little orange and white striped number? so good! they also had a ton of those blush pink ones that are all over instagram these days. pink is the new white, people!

sibs poppin' their best pumpkin poses ^^

like i mentioned earlier, apple picking is a huge fall tradition in my family! my sister and i took the same photos against the same wall to years ago! i'm even wearing the same coat lol! (read the whole post here) it's so funny to see how much we've changed, yet stayed the same... if you get what i'm saying!

before we left, we stopped into the bakery and bought a dozen more donuts. #sorrynotsorry they're just too good! until next year, honey hill! i look forward to you every year, and each is better than the last. happy fall, friends!

my shirt: madewell / jeans: madewell / jacket: h&m (similar) / hat: old navy (similar) / boots: timberland