i think we're all well aware that the vacation bug can bite at any moment. to prevent any rash decisions made in the heat of the moment, i've started to make a list of all the places that make perfect fall vacation. first up: the dunes. 

even in the colder months, the indiana dunes make for a perfect vacation. there's tons of different activities to try, like biking, hiking, boating, or just hanging out at the beach. i remember going there as a kid with some family friends and having the absolute best time. we climbed the dunes, swam, and just relaxed. one thing that really stuck out to me was that there was something for everyone. we didn't take advantage of it when we were there, but there are a ton of historical sites to visit. if you're not a fan of the sand or want to do something other than lay out at the beach, you could explore the sites, or head into town for some ice cream at the end of a long day. (it took me one google search to find tons of cute ice cream parlors!) to learn more about this great fall vacation option, click here! i know it's definitely on my "local vacations" list. happy almost fall!