i haven't been to a baseball game in years! so when i got the chance to head down to the city with my fam and spend an afternoon eating hotdogs and peanuts and watching the game, i jumped on it! 

my backpack is from kestrel bags. it's a fave of mine, and it goes with everything!

okay. those nachos? SO GOOD ^^ and the lady below is my ultimate flair goals. i will never be as cool as her. 

we didn't realize the guys behind us were photobombing this shot (taken my my brother) until we got the camera back and they started laughing! so funny! 

this outing marked the first real fall weekend of the year, and I have to say, it felt amazing! i've said it before and i'll say it 'till the grave - weekends in the city? just can't be beat. have a great day friends!