this christmas was a whirlwind. [isn't it always, though?] i got home to chicago on december 13th + as i'm typing this, i have been home for 17 days, but it seriously only feels like 4!! because of finals + the end of the semester i wasn't able to go shopping in california, so the first half of my break was spent at the mall + in my basement wrapping presents. but the REAL celebration got started on christmas eve eve with a chili party, candy cane tournament, + cookie decorating contest -- it's all in the film above + the photos below! [previous christmas celebrations --- garvin family christmas 2016 / christmas eve 2016 / cookie party 2015 / garvin family christmas 2015 part one + twochristmas carols 2014 / cookie party 2014

christmas 2017-5.jpg
christmas 2017-22.jpg

^^ the game is simple. everyone gets a candy cane. about 20 go in the middle. the competitor takes the straight end of their candy cane + places it in their mouth. 45 seconds go on the clock. the competitor uses the curved end of the candy cane to pick up as many other candy canes as they can -- it's actually so fun! i currently share the record for first place of 8 candy canes. [sadly i lost the tie-breaker round, but it's fine i'm fine it's fine.]

christmas 2017-28.jpg

above are the cookie decorating finalists. we've got a santa, a marshmallow christmas tree, + A MANGER SCENE!! that's the birth of jesus christ people. a true masterpiece.

christmas 2017-25.jpg

christmas morning

we arose with such a clatter at the crack of dawn, 9 am. the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, the tree was filled with presents, santa set everything up perfectly. 

christmas 2017-31.jpg
christmas 2017-33.jpg

^^ that's a belle heart-eye emoji lip smacker + i love it, because apparently i'm seven years old. 

christmas 2017-35.jpg
christmas 2017-37.jpg

my sister hyped up my present  a lot before the big day, + i can surely say that it lived up! if anyone wants to have an early 2000's disney channel movie marathon -- LET'S GOOOOO! come on over :)

christmas 2017-40.jpg

we ended the day surrounded with family, delicious food, + more presents. christmas 2017, you were a good one! although we all came down with the flu a few days later, it was still good! 

stay tuned for my 2017 recap film, favorite blogpost roundup, + my goals + resolutions for 2018!