a few weekends ago we escaped to the happiest place on earth - disney world! we crammed as many rides, foods, + memories as we could into what seemed like the longest-but-shortest 72 hours ever! in between adventures, we snapped just enough photos and too just enough videos to get us by ;) starting from the top - here we go!

everytime we've been to disney, my family has stayed at the coronado springs resort and WE   L O V E   IT!!!! [when my sister + i got there the first night, i literally yelled "i'm home!"] it's got the coolest ancient myan/spanish archetecture and it brings back so many childhood memories from when we stayed there years ago. 

the first morning in disney, we woke up super early to the prettiest fog! ^^^

MICKEY WAFFLES! don't even get me started. possibly the best thing about the enitre trip. kidding. [not]

the first ride of the trip was expedition everest at animal kingdom [basically the only reason we go there, haha!] we also passed through dinoland on our way out - one of the best mini-rides is in there. triceratop spin for the win!

once we had our fix of animal kingdom, we headed over to hollywood studios, and straight to the tower of terror. [best ride eveeeeeeeeer!]

disney world 2017-18.jpg

my dad is a natural with the camera - he's got raw talent, folks! ^^^

we didn't get a chance to ride the great movie ride, but every time i saw the sign, i cried just a little bit. you can't go wrong with neon + that color combo. 

these mickey ice cream bars are soooo good + kind of an insode joke in my family. every time the kids used to go off on a ride during previous trips, my dad would sneak away and buy himself one of these bad boys. he'd end up eating like four in a day, sometimes haha!

there's that sign again... =) ^^^

disney parks always have the best restaurants, and this one is one of our favorites. if you're ever looking for a dinner spot in hollywood studios, the 50's prime time cafe is where it's at! 

for our second [and last] full day, we headed to magic kingdom. 

right around lunchtime, claire and  hunted down the dole stand like it was our job. it was both of our first times trying the pineapple whip + i can truly say that it lived up to it's hype!

anyone who's been to disney world [or disneyland - not sure of they have this there] do you guys trade pins? my family discovered this around 2010ish, and everytime we've been back, we do it! if you're not familiar with it, you basically buy and lanyard and pins [genius money-making tactics, those disney execs!] and you can trade pins with employees or other park-goers! it's actually pretty fun!

we spent our last night watching an insane fireworks show above cinderella's castle. i may or may not have teared up... [#noshame] we seriously had the most magical time, even though we were only there for about 72-ish hours. don't forget to watch the video, too! happy friday!