if you've been following along for some time now, you know that i L-O-V-E LOVE the city. (i've even created a custom hashtag for all my urban adventures. ;) with summer officially in full swing, my sister and our friend emily decided to head down to the park along the lakefront and have a little picnic. we packed the blankets, the hammocks, grabbed the camera, and headed down. we ordered burgers from the beach cafe and set up shop under the trees.

summer city picnic-16.jpg

how great are these enos? they come in tons of different color combinations and you can buy either a single or a double nest. you can attach the straps to two neighboring trees and it's almost foolproof to set up. the perfect way to chill.

i was reminded of the phrase "these are the days" earlier today, and i couldn't agree more. these are the days, the ones filled with unplanned picnics and sweet summer air and friends and drives into the city. i'll be soaking them up while they're here and capturing every last minute. oh - and scheduling more picnics. happy summer!