I LOVE SKATING. wow, sorry i just realized that was typed in all caps. but it kinda demonstrates my love. ice skating, roller skating (i actually prefer blading, but whatever) - it's one of my favorite things to do, but i never really do it! on new years day, when my cousins and siblings were trying to recover from new years eve and were looking for something to do, we decided to go roller skating, and i was SO EXCITED. ( see, that time the caps was intentional.) 

we just keep rollin along-48.jpg

look at my cute little baby brother. he went from barely knowing how to skate to being all by himself by the end of the night. i love hiiiiiiiiiimmmm. 

i always wished i could skate backwards, but i'm too scared to try and learn! the roller rink that we went to would switch up the type of skating every few songs! couples, ladies only, reverse directions, you name it! 

my sister claire and cousin katie looking fancy.

we just keep rollin along-61.jpg

me and my cousin wesley.

just look at him. such a cutie. 

from left to right: my younger sisters claire and caroline, my cousin wesley, me, my brother sam, my cousin katie, and my friend sarah (who's basically in the family.)

a good ole fam photo to round out the post. i love all these people to death. even more than i in-all-caps-love skating. (hard to believe, i know!) i'm so glad we can act like kids together and throw it back to our childhood days. whether it's skating, telling stories, watching scary movies, or going sledding at midnight, i'm so happy i have these people to roll with.