i'm the type of person who will collect planters when i don't even have plants to put in them! when i saw these $1 planters in the target dollar section, the opportunity could not be passed up. they sat in the craft room for a while, until... tada! nail-polish marbled planters!

  • terra cotta or ceramic planters
  • tub of water
  • various nail polish colors
  • blue painter's tape
  • white spray paint (if desired)
  • toothpicks
1. tape off each planter using the painter's tape. i taped off different sections on each planter, but you could also tape off each planter the same way for a more uniform look. 

2. remove the caps of your nail polishes and have your planters ready to be dipped. this is the most important detail in this DIY. if you don't move quick, the polish will dry on top of the water and you won't be able to transfer the paint onto the planter. 

3. once you're ready to start dipping your planters, pour in each nail polish color and swirl with a toothpick. quickly submerge your planter into the nail polish + water mix, making sure all the polish is removed from the water and onto the planters.

4. remove from water and set to dry.

i love how easy these guys are to make, customize, and style. i can officially give myself a reason to go out and buy more plants, only in turn to buy a few more planters. :) -m