Three Ingredient Blueberry Pie

whenever i discover a new treat, i always consider it's blog-ability. when i was over at a good friends for dinner a few sundays ago, she made a three-ingredient blueberry pie, and i had to get the recipe! she was kind enough to share the quick and easy steps to the easiest blueberry pie. ever.

  • one pint of blueberries
  • two containers of blueberry yogurt
  • one container of cool whip
  • a graham cracker lined pie tin

full recipe after the jump!

wash your blueberries and let them dry off completely. if you make the pie with the berries still a bit wet, the pie won't turn out how it should.  while the berries are drying, take the cool whip + yogurt and mix together evenly in the pie tin or in a separate bowl. 

once the pie filling is evenly spread out in the tin, add your blueberries to your pie. you can place them on top, mix them into the pie, or both. when you have added all the berries, freeze the pie until the filling is solid. then, slice and enjoy your super easy, three-ingredient pie! xo. Molly