The Best of Instagram // 002

welcome to "the best of instagram" part two! today i am featuring kevin fogara, a 17 year old blogger at thou swell  (go teen bloggers! whoo!). i've picked out a few of my favorite instagrams posted by kevin that i'd like to share with you. 

 one reason why i chose kevin for "the best of insta" was because his photos are so visually appealing. there are lots of colors that work together to create a pretty picture that shows up in your feed.
 (and because he posts a lot of plant photos. gotta love succulents.)
more ways to find kevin:
instagram // @kfogara
facebook // thouswellblog
twitter // @thouswellblog
pinterest // @thouswellblog
tumblr // thouswell
blog //

thanks kevin! 
xo. molly

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