i'm back in the swing of things, my friends. today i'm bringing you pink donut coasters. yum. yes. probably one of the easiest DIYs i've done in a while, and i promise, anyone can make these. 

  • cork roll
  • paint and brushes of varied sizes
  • scissors
  • coaster to measure size (optional)
full tutorial after the jump.

take your cork roll, flatten it out, trace and cut out. i made a set of 3 coasters. (TIP: depending on how thick your cork is, cut it with scissors. i thought an x-acto would work, but scissors proved to work the best.)

either trace or freehandedly mark the inner and outer edge of the donut, and fill in with the same color paint.

once the whole donut is filled in, either paint a second coat (to prevent the cork from showing through) or start to paint your sprinkles. take a small brush and a small amount of paint and create little "sprinkle-like" lines.

let dry and you're done! these coasters make great handmade gifts, just stack and tie with a ribbon.

"would you like some coffee with your donuts?"
xo. Molly