Canvas Succulent Planter

when i went to the Green City Market a few weeks back, i found a vendor selling amazing succulents. she had the cutest plants and such good prices! the thing is, they came in a plain green plastic pot, and all my other pots were filled or being used, and i needed a solution. i had some left over canvas from the tote bag diy, and got to brainstorming this succulent planter diy. 

  • ruler
  • canvas
  • plant
  • pencil
  • sewing machine / basic skills

full tutorial after the jump


take you plant and your pencil and trace all the way around the pot, creating a full circle. then, take your ruler and add two inches in circumference around the whole circle, and cut out. (as shown below)

once the bottom of the planter is fully traced and cut out, measure the height of the pot and circumference around the pot. (you can use a loose tape measure, or use string and a ruler.)

when you have complete measurements, transfer onto the canvas and cut out.

pin and sew the two shortest edges together. (basically fold hamburger-wise and sew.)

after sewing the body of the planter, pin the edges of the bottom to the edges of the body and sew.

 flip planter inside-out and fold over excess fabric on top. insert plant and display!

sorry if the tutorial was a little (or very) confusing, feel free to ask me questions in the comments and i'd be happy to answer to the best of my ability! xo. Molly