The Best Glasses Around

have you guys heard of Warby Parker? a modern + new glasses company "founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective" where you buy a pair and someone in need receives a pair, too. i've been needing new glasses for a while now, and have been searching around the web for some frames that catch my eye. Warby was a perfect fit. one thing that made them 10x more awesome is their Home Try-On. Pick up to five of you favorite glasses, and Warby Parker will send them to you to test out for five days, (in the cutest packaging, i might add!) to post on social media, and to ask friends about their favorites. they also have a hashtag, too! (#warbyhometryon)  i picked out a few frames for the Home Try-On, and here's my experience. 

i ordered five frames on the Warby Parker website. within a week, they arrived at my door! i opened up the box and instantly fell in love. and i was definitely getting excited. 

Warby has so many choices. when i got to their website i knew i was looking for colored and some sort of tortoise shell frames. i ended up choosing Durand//Woodland Tortoise , Duckworth//Marine Slate, Edgeworth//Sage, Ainsworth//Elderberry, Haskell//Burnt Lemon Tortoise (sunglasses). 

i loved all the frames! some looked better with my face than other. ready to see the winners?
i'm so excited to wear my new glasses and show off Warby Parker! don't forget, by purchasing Warby glasses, you're providing another pair to someone that doesn't have the means to buy eyewear. i love supporting companies that i love, but also help out other in need. now get on that website and pick out some frames! xo. Molly

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