Tote Bag DIY

totes are one of my favorite go-to bags when i'm in need of a quick carry-all. light weight and durable, they basically last forever. but, they usually lack in the area of style... so i decided i could make my own. (if you don't want to make your own, and just want to decorate one, BUY ONE HERE
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • sewing machine
  • 1 1/2 yards of strong canvas or fabric
start by folding you fabric in half. measure and mark it 18 x 19 inches. cit and pin on both sides.

once you have finished pinning, sew up each edge. make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the fabric. next, measure out 1 (one) inch at the top of the bag and fold in in towards you. this will create the clean edge at the top of the bag. pin and sew. (TIP: make sure that the edge measures 1 inch all the way around the top of the bag, or else you'll be left with an uneven seam.)

once all is sewn, flip your tote right side out to make sure all is going smoothly and the bag looks as desired. if you are satisfied, flip the tote inside out again, and measure and mark (vertically and horizontally) 2 (two) inches on each corner. 
sewing these two corners will allow your tote to be able to stand easier and gives a more professional look. 
once again, flip the bag right side out to check your progress. if you're happy, it's time to decorate. 

  • paint
  • dotting tool (i used the bottom of a paintbrush. you can also use a pencil eraser.)
  • tote (buy or diy)
  • cardboard/cardstock
start by gathering your supplies. you will need the cardboard/cardstock to prevent the paint from seeping through the fabric. place it inside your bag. dip your dotting tool in the paint and dot away! there's not much to it. here's what mine looked like in the end.

i also made a dip-dyed tote, seen in the cover photo. (the directions are pretty self-explanatory...) 

i know i posted this a lot later than i had said or hoped, so sorry about that. but i hope you guys like your new tote bag. i know this is a DIY that'll last me a while. 

xo. Molly