Polymer Clay Keychains

you hop in the car, running late. you reach for your keys and.... you grabbed the wrong ones. great. PAUSE. i'm stopping this right now because it sounds like i'm writing one of those cheesy, 2 am infomercials. gross. all i want to do is share this awesome DIY with you because you're awesome. and because that's what i do on this blog.

  • polymer clay
  • metal or rubber stamps
  • x-acto knife or razor blade
  • paint
  • brushes
collect all your supplies. start by softening your clay and spreading it out to 1/4 of an inch. (or your desired thickness.) trace and cut your shape. if you aren't a master at clay, this may take a few tries to get lines perfectly straight. 

 once you have cut out your shape and perfected it like the master you are, cut out/poke a hole towards the top. this allows you to add it on to a keyring. (make sure you poke the hole VERY close to the top, or you will have problems when it comes to putting it on the keyring. i know from experience.)
after creating the keyring hole, it's time to start stamping. 

i stamped some classic phrases, my name, etc. you can do whatever. 

when your keychains are completely stamped, bake your clay (can you say that?) according to the directions on it's package. most say bake at 275* for 15 mins for every 1/4 inch. then, jam out to some music  until your clay is done. 

as the clay cools, it will harden more. when your clay has completely cooled off, it's time to paint! i used acrylic craft paint and spray paint. i like the spray paint method a little better, because it gives a cleaner look and finish. 

 (i'm in love with this gold spray paint)

and there you have it! some new fancy keychains to enjoy, that are quick and easy to make. (and don't look like you bought them off that 2 am infomercial.) xo. Molly