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when scouring the internet, putting off your own work, and looking for inspiration, a girl tends to stumble across some new fab blogs, right? you can't believe you didn't find them earlier, and you think they're pretty great. have any of you been there before? (please tell me it's not just me) ok good. so you have been there. i thought so. blogging is still kind of a new thing for me, as i just started last year around November. i have received tons of inspiration and ideas from these blogs. they were kind of like my saving grace. i would have been lost without them. i hope tLp gives you that same inspiration the blogs i found gave to me. here are a few other blogs i have recently stumbled upon and love.
first up on the list is MERRICKSART. a lifestyle and fashion blog - filled with everything a gal needs to live the DIY life in regards to clothes, hair, and style.
Merrick, the creator and owner of MERRICKSART is an amazing seamstress, and painter! i stumbled across her blog a few days ago actually, and instantly fell in love, after this post. i have a sewing machine and love to sew, but it is kinda currently collecting a layer of dust. Merrick has me blowing off the dust and busting out some new fancy-shmancy pieces. 


the second blog is Studio DIY. "inspire, create and celebrate" is the motto of Studio DIY's creator, Kelly. i've known about this blog for about  a month now, and she makes me want to have a party each time i type in the url. 
as i said before, Studio DIY makes me want to have parties. everyday. there are so many assets to Studio DIY that no other blogs offer. like "choose your state and i'll tell you all the craft events going on there." and "where to buy craft supplies". one of my pet peeves is when you see a DIY you love, but you have no clue where to buy the supplies. Kelly gives tons of references for all your DIY supply needs. (oh, and she's currently hiring!) man i'd love to work there. and lastly, she loves pineapples and donuts, and so do i, so i love her. 


last on the list is In Honor of Design is a lifestyle fashion blog. i have been reading IHOD for about two months now, and i can always find the inspiration i need from her.  creator, Anna, also writes for eHow style section and is the creator of The Brand Market workshop. 
i love that her posts are varied. one day she'll post about style. the next day Anna will post about her favorite spot for a bite to eat, and the third day she'll post about her adorable family. i also love to see her collaboration and DIY posts. this girl really has it all when it comes to a blog. it is perfect for girls who want to be inspired in every way possible. 

i hope these three newly discovered blogs give you some great inspiration. i respect all of these fabulous ladies and all their success as bloggers. i only hope to one day be as half as successful as them.  you can find more blog i love to read in the DAILY READS section in the sidebar. xo. Molly

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