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i love flowers. having them in the home is such a pick-me-up, and they can totally add festivity to the holiday season. just take a look at those eucalyptus crowns! a quick and easy way to create the perfect holiday centerpiece - enter BloomNation. when i first learned about BloomNation, i was so glad to hear of such an amazing service! if you haven't heard of BloomNation, they are a flower delivery service that supports local florists through their online marketplace. i live in chicago, and when i order through BloomNation, it supports the florists in my community and all around the chicagoland area. it's a truly remarkable service. take a look around at their site, you're surely find the perfect florals for your holidays. 


when i was younger, i always wished i needed glasses. during my freshman year of high school, i realized i couldn't see the board very well in my algebra class. my mom took me to the walmart optical - yep. walmart - and my childhood dreams came true. my first pair of glasses was from that sketchy walmart, and when i went back six months later to get my prescription strengthened, i knew i wanted to get new glasses, and i knew where from. 

i can't remember exactly where i first heard of warby parker, but i'm really glad i did. i had caught word about their home try-on, and thought it was a really amazing idea! i picked out my five favorite pairs from their site and they were delivered to my house in less than a week! you can see which frames i chose here. (i look so young!) 

at about beginning of october, i decided it was time for some new frames. i repeated the home try-on process, and it was just as great as the first time. my sister claire and friend sarah got in on the action too. we headed out to a local cornmaze with my five fave glasses selections in tow and were ready to experience an amazing fall day. 

the frames i wear currently are durand in woodland tortise. my fall home try-on consisted of laurel in tea rose fade, percey in scarlet tortise (a part of their 2015 fall collection!), chamberlin in saddle sage, newton in aurelia tortise, and keene in beach glass

my friend sarah trying on chamberlin in saddle sage

 my sister claire wearing keene in beach glass

 my boots doubled as a nice glasses holder in between takes. haha!

 one of my favorites was newton in aurelia tortise

 keene in beach glass

 my sweater is from the mens section at urban outfitters + it's on sale right now!

 one of the best parts of fall is the ability to get apple cider donuts anywhere + everywhere. so good.

 the cornmaze we went to had a little petting zoo and one of the goats wanted in on the action :)

i really love glasses!!!

thanks to warby parker for being amazing and making equally amazing glasses. thanks to fall for being the best season ever. (just kidding i love all seasons equally) thanks to walmart for fulfilling my childhood dream. i'm sure next year, i'll need to choose a different pair, we'll repeat the same process over, and it'll be just as good.


it's finally summer. the sun is out, the pool is open, but my clothes are seriously lackin. anyone with me? (insert sassy hand raise emoji here) i don't think i've actually been to a mall in three months because i've been so busy. yikes, right? enter - the lovechild of saving time/money and stylish shopping - where after signing up for free, you have access to coupons and deals to more than 1,000 of your favorite stores (j.crew, nordstrom, target, urban outfitters, you name it!). and after saving enough money and earning enough cash back, THEY'LL SEND YOU A CHECK. IN THE MAIL. WITH MONETARY VALUE. seriously people, why wait to sign up to a site that saves you money and PAYS YOU FOR SHOPPING? not to mention, you don't even have to get up from the couch.  i've picked a few of my faves from UO that i can definitely see myself wearing this summer season, all with benefits from! how amazing is that embellished blue tank? heart eyes all around. -m


i've always loved fall mornings. waking up and walking to starbucks, having a warm drink in your hand, and just soaking in the day. it's the weekend, schools out, and the sky is clear. one of my favorite places to go in the fall is our local forest preserve. it's shady, so the temperature is perfect for sweaters, long-sleeves, and cardigans. and when eshakti contacted/asked me to pick out a piece from their collection and talk about my fall style, i agreed right away! i chose a navy blue tunic with black embroidering. when i got it in the mail i fell in love. i knew i had to show off eshakti's beautiful piece, and i knew just the place to do it.

 my brother sam. this has got to be my absolute favorite picture of him.

 the first of three feet shots. the leaves were the perfect colors.

feet shot 2/3.

 testing out the new instax birthday gift.

 a closer look at the detailing on the tunic.

the leaves displayed the most amazing colors.

the final feet shot my friends, we made it.

don't be fooled by that smiling face - we were stranded in a parking lot because i drove against a curb and popped a tire. yea.

tunic: eshakti (c/o), jeans: american eagle, kicks: american eagle, neaklace: nordstrom, sunnies: urban outfitters
i'm so thanksful to eshakti for this opportunity to share my fall style! check out eshakti at their website, instagram, twitter, or facebook. and use code thelollyprojectblog  without any spaces or extra characters for 10%! and p.s. - you get 25% when you sign up! take a look around eshakti, and head off to your local forest preserve, and write your own ode to fall.

*this post was sponsored by eShakti. thanks for supporting companies that make TLP possible!