there's never a bad time for ice cream. especially when it's sandwiched between two cookies, brownies, donuts, you name it. even in the winter, i'll never turn down an ice cream offer. towards the end of the summer, i decided to try my hand at making some homemade ice cream sandwiches, and we may have gotten a little crazy... (just kidding, you can never go crazy with ice cream!)


  • ice cream scoop
  • a pint of ice cream (i stuck with vanilla)
  • foods to sandwich your ice cream (mini donuts, cookies, etc)
  • wax paper (to line surfaces and keep them clean)
  • a freezer nearby (to keep them from melting too quickly!)

prep your sandwiches by getting out the cookies, donuts, brownies, or the like. take a small to medium scoop of ice cream and use a spoon to place it on to one of the cookies. if you're using brownies or mini donuts, i found that it worked best if you cit them in half. it helps the ice cream not to squeeze out from the sides and allows you made more sandwiches! take the other half or other cookie and place it on top. set in freezer to cool for about 10 minutes and enjoy! 

did i just insult you a little with those directions? sorry. i guess it is pretty easy to make an ice cream sandwiches, and the beauty about it is the infinite options you have to choose from. cosmic brownie ice cream sandwiches? yes, please, and thank you. i'm pretty sure no matter what you choose to sandwich your ice cream with, it'll be good. 

even though there's a fall chill in the air, it doesn't mean the time for ice cream had come to a close. ice cream is a year round thing friends. even in these insanely harsh chicago winters, i'll always say yes to ice cream. especially when in between a donut. or cookie. or brownie. -m
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