our spring break trip to AZ (phoenix/scottsdale) is soooo close! am i the only one that thinks counting down the days until a big trip is one of the most agonizing/fun/horrifying/exciting thing to do? personally i don't count the current day, and i don't count the day of the trip - in theory, it's less days than it actually is... right? anyway, during the wait, i gather in a laundry bin all the stuff that catches my eye, and that i think would make the perfect trip. besides a great playlist, some cute sunnies, and a chic carryall, i wanted to share with you all my fave essentials for an awesome spring break!
  1. ban.do sunglasses strap: seriously - too cute to pass up, it keeps the sunnies around your                                                   neck at all times. no more frantic searching for the lost pair. 
  2. brixton piper fedora@gparrish can so rock the hat look. go with an oversized floppy or a                                            chic fedora for extra sun protection. 
  3. birkenstock arizona sandals: birks are making their comeback - snag a pair in leather, teal,                                                        purple, white, or even gold
  4. ae distressed jeans shorts: besides being a spring staple, these shorties add a messy-but-not                                                  vibe to any outfit. 
  5. mossimo white bandeau: simply said, white looks awesome on a tan. 
  6. ae high waitsed bottom: with a slight vintage touch, ae does it again with the perfect pattern. (i                                         actually bought this pair myself, to go with my white bathing suit top.)
  7. herschel & co backpack: herschel and co makes me heart eye emoji. seriously. this pack is                                                 perfect for the beach, the poolside, or even a hike! 
  8. intax instant camera: i have an instax, and it's the greatest. with settings for indoor, outdoor,                                         cloudy, or sunny, you'll always be ready to capture the perfect                                                  moment. 
one more day. this will be on repeat in my head until the sun sets tomorrow. it's almost here. the countdown is getting shorter and shorter. where are you going for spring break? for AZ (scottsdale & phoenix) people / people who've been there: any suggestions? i've heard vovomeena for breakfast, but does anyone have any cute sightseeing spots / small shop ideas? i'd love to hear what you loved! email me, or hit me up on instagram! happy spring break! -m