The Fourth

 left to right: me, katie (cousin), gigi (friend), claire (sister)
i love holidays. especially when they land on a friday so we get an extra long weekend, am i right? fourth of july is always the perfect time for my family (immediate and extended - we go down to second cousins three times removed or something!) to get together and celebrate in each others company. 

 one tradition that some family keep on the fourth is a shoot. this year we made flower crowns (tutorial coming soon!!!) from the best that JoAnn's has to offer :)

i meant to post these photos ON the fourth, but i spend it up at my family's lake house, where the connection is bad. oh well. it kept me off the internet and kept me with my family and friends. what do you do on the fourth? any traditions like ours? i hope you had a nice, long, and relaxing weekend.     xo. Molly